Wireless remote control for the AGRETO weighbridge

Wireless remote control for the AGRETO weighbridge

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Allows registration to the scale by radio. The information stored on remote controls are automatically mapped to the weighing. Thus, the scale can be operated fully automatically without operator and without rework.

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Product description

Automatic weighing without tare weighing

When registering at the scale with a wireless transmitter, the vehicle and its consigned weight is allocated to the weighing. The weighing is then automatically completed, and load is calculated by subtracting this tare weight from the total weight.

Pre-set information

Categories like vehicle, article, supplier/customer, stroke etc. can be allocated to every wireless transmitter and every button of the transmitter through the software. In special cases it's possible to allocate a number to a category through the 12-key wireless transmitter. All this information is automatically consigned to the weighing and saves you work afterwards.

Activate the scale only for authorised persons

You can program the scale in such a way that weighings can only be conducted after registration through a wireless transmitter. Unwanted weighings by unauthorised persons are thus prevented.
Technical data
Delivery contents:
• 1 wireless receiver circuit board in a waterproof casing
• 1 antenna with mounting bracket
• 1.5 m power supply cable
• 1 D-sub socket for the signal cable
• 1 USB/RS-232 converter
Please order the signal cable from receiver to PC in the required length!
Device data:
• Casing with cable screw connections
• Casing dimensions: 94 x 94 x 57 mm (WxHxD)
• Operating temperature: -25 to +70 °C
• Groundplane antenna
• Up to 300 m range
• 433 MHz frequency
• 230 V power supply
• RS-232 interface
Where are the wireless receiver and antenna positioned?
The casing with the receiver and the antenna are positioned outdoors, next to each other. Where exactly isn't really relevant. They're usually mounted on a spot near the large indicator.
What is the maximum length for the connecting cable to the PC?
The serial data cable can measure up to 100 m. Please tell us how long your cable needs to be when ordering. The cable will be delivered in the desired length, with plug attached.
When is the 2-key transmitter used?
In most cases it's about identifying vehicles, and for that the 2-key transmitter is adequate. A vehicle and it's tare weight can be allocated to the transmitter, irrespective of which of the two keys is pressed. When needed, different kinds of information can be consigned to each of the two keys.
When is the 12-key transmitter used?
When you employ more than two categories, you need 12-key transmitters. The software can be set up in such a way that you type a number with the transmitter's keypad (for instance, the number of a supplier, or the number of a stroke).
How many transmitters can be used?
Up to 256. 2-key transmitters and 12-key transmitters can be used together.
Do I see when a wireless transmitter registers?
Yes, on your screen and on the large indicator the transmitter's number is shown for a pre-set time period.
Can wireless remote control be retrofitted?
Wireless remote control can also be installed at a later point. A setting needs to be changed to let the software know that wireless remote control is available.
Any more questions?
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