Large indicator with traffic light

Large indicator 95 mm with traffic light

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Displays the weighing result large and well recognizeable. Makes status information of the scale for the driver visible. Displays the operational readiness of the AGRETO drive over scale clearly and visibly:
Green = Ready
Red = Stop

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Product description

Large indicator and traffic light in one device

This device unites the functionality of both the large indicator and traffic light, showing weights as well as level of readiness through colours.

Read weights from the driver's seat

The large display can be read from up to 100 m thanks to its 95 mm and very bright LED digits.

Scale status information

The large indicator shows whether the scale is ready for a weighing or whether there is an error. A driver will also be warned when a weighing wasn't performed correctly.

Wireless registration visualised

In case of wireless remote control, the large indicator will show the category or transmitted number for allocations.

Makes static weighing easier

During a static weighing the large indicator shows whether an axle is standing in the middle of the platform with the help of light barrier signals. This means you don't need to leave the vehicle, or employ someone to keep tally.
Technical data
Delivery contents:
• 1 indicator
• 1.5 m power supply cable
• 1 USB/RS-232 converter
Device data:
• Dimensions: 645 x 168 x 42 mm (WxHxD)
• Weatherproof aluminiumc casing
• Easy to mount on wall or seiling with two mounting brackets
• 5 digits, 95 mm high
• 36 bright red LEDs per digit
• Red and green LED field for traffic light function
• Manual or automatic brightness control
• 230 V power supply, 1.5 m connecting cable with plug
• 7-pin round plug for connecting the data cable
• Serial interface RS232 / RS485
Where is the large display positioned?
The camera is usually positioned at a right angle to the driving direction, approximately 10 to 30 m from the side of the scale. That way it's clearly visible for the driver before and after a weighing. If there is one main driving direction, the large indicator can be positioned in such a way that the driver has it optimally in front of him after the weighing. Traffic light signals must be visible when a vehicle enters and exits the scale.
From which distance can the large indicator be read?
Of course, readability depends on lighting conditions and the person looking. Testing has shown that the indicator can be read from a distance of up to 100 m.
What is the maximum cable length to the weighing display?
The serial data cable can measure up to 100 m. Please tell us how long your cable needs to be when ordering. The cable will be delivered in the desired length, with plug attached.
How does sunshine influence readability?
In some cases the display could be hard to read when the sun shines directly on it. We advise building a small roof over the indicator to prevent direct sunshine. If possible the indicator should be positioned in such a way that no direct sunshine can reach it.
Can the large indicator be retrofitted?
A large indicator can also be installed at a later point. A setting needs to be changed to let the software know that a large indicator is available.
Any more questions?
Please call us: +43 2846 620

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