Image processing/video camera for the AGRETO weighbridge

Image processing / video camera for drive-over-scales

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Enables the fully automatic operation of the AGRETO scale without operating personnel on the PC or on the scale. Later, the vehicles and further information can be assigned to weighings via the captured images. Up to 2 cameras can be connected.

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Product description

Automatically takes pictures of vehicles

This accessory enables the weighing software to automatically store images of weighed vehicles during a weighing. Depending on the setting, one picture per axle is made, or pictures are made continuously during a weighing.

Live image on the PC

A live image is relayed from the camera to your PC that allows you to keep an eye on your scale.

Identifying vehicles

Thanks to the recorded images you can allocate vehicles in the software at a later point. This means weighings do not need to be supervised.

Photographic evidence

The software shows you who drove over your scale at what time.
Technical data
Delivery contents:
• 1 camera
• 1 power supply unit with 1 m connecting cable
• 1 USB/video converter
• 2 BNC connectors for coaxial cables
• 1 adapter chinch plug to BNC connector
Please order a coaxial cable in the required length!
Device data:
• High-resolution camera
• Weight: 1800 g
• Colour images during the day (up till 10 lux), black-and-white images with infra-red when it's dark
• 1/3" Sony Chip
• Resolution: 420 TVL
• Automatic white balance
• 2.8-12 mm zoom lens
• 72 IR-LED, night vision up to approximately 30 m
• Adjustable sunshade
• Bracket for wall mounting
• Dust- and waterproof according to protection class IP66
• 12 V power supply
Where is the camera positioned?
Ideally the camera is positioned at a right angle to the driving direction, approximately 10 to 30 m from the side of the scale. That way vehicles going in both directions can be captured. In case there's a main driving direction and pictures need to be shot from the front or diagonally to the front, the camera must be positioned behind the scale. In practice it's advantageous when the entire vehicle can be seen on the first picture, which is shot when the first axle enters the platform.
How large is the camera's field of view?
The camera has a zoom lens that can be adjusted between 2.8 and 12 mm. This determines the amount of detail. Cameras that are closer than 10 m to the scale, are usually not able to capture vehicles in their entirety
How well does the camera function when it's dark?
When it's dark, the camera shoots black-and-white pictures. Quality depends on distance. When necessary, a floodlight must be installed.
What is the maximum length for the connecting cable to PC or converter?
The coaxial cable can measure up to 100 m. Please tell us how long your cable needs to be when ordering. The cable will be delivered in the desired length, with plug attached.
Are vehicles automatically identified?
No, automatic vehicle recognition is very demanding and far from perfect. Allocation of vehicles that are visible on screen, must be done manually. This is usually done after the campaign.
Can vehicle license plates be read from camera images?
In theory, yes. However, the camera must be positioned in such way that the license plate appears relatively big in the middle of the image. This is difficult to attain in practice because license plates are often located in different positions on vehicles. Glare can make the licence plates unreadable as well.
Can the camera be retrofitted?
The camera can also be installed at a later point. A setting needs to be changed to let the software know that a camera is available.
Can multiple cameras be used?
Yes, up to 2 cameras can be used.
Any more questions?
Please call us: +43 2846 620
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