Axle scales as vehicle scale for agriculture and trade

Axle scales as vehicle scale for agriculture and trade

AGRETO Axle scale for agriculture
The AGRETO axle load scale automatically weighs all vehicles!

Your benefit

  • Automatic weighing during driving
  • Axle scale with reliable axle recognition
  • Optimized for agricultural vehicles
  • Quality control of weighings
  • Control with PC or weighing terminal
  • Registration of vehicles with radio
  • Vehicle identification with camera
  • Made in AUSTRIA
  • 5 years warranty
Product film Axle Scale (until 2021 with light barriers)

AGRETO axle scale / drive-over scale on the farm

When the size of the firm increases, the volume of transport does too. A vehicle scale for checking and documenting the flow of goods is becoming increasingly interesting on the farm. However, does it have to be the big, expensive weighbridge? An axle scale is not only cheaper, it’s even more practical in many cases.
The AGRETO drive-over scale is a further development of the axle scale. It automatically weighs one axle after the other during the crossing and calculates the total vehicle weight from the axle weights. To control the scale either a PC software or a weighing terminal is offered.

Weighs all vehicles automatically

The biggest advantage of the AGRETO drive-over scale lies in its complete automation. Built into a convenient location, the scale automatically weighs any vehicle that drives into or out of the yard. The scale recognizes the driving direction and records it to the weighings. Harvest or other campaigns can be documented fully automatically. Loaded vehicles drive in one direction over the scale, empty vehicles in the other direction. At the end of the campaign, the totals are formed per driving direction and the net amount transported is calculated automatically.
Even classical weighing processes consisting of full and empty weighing can be automated. The drivers register with a radio transmitter at the balance, the data of the vehicle are transmitted and assigned to the weighing. In addition, a "proof photo" of the vehicle can be stored for weighing.

Axle scale for agricultural vehicles

In contrast to conventional road vehicles agricultural vehicles with their dimensions and special properties for vehicle scales represent a challenge. Large, wide low-pressure tires on the tractor must be weighed exactly the same way as all gauges and axle combinations in trailers (tandem or tridem units). The platform of the AGRETO drive-over scale is therefore designed accordingly and also sufficiently dimensioned. It can weigh vehicles up to 3.4 m wide and up to 20 tons per axle, the number of axles and thus the vehicle length is not limited anyway.

Quality control of the weighings

In order to be able to ensure the accuracy of axle-wise weighings, it is essential to know the exact data about the individual axles and the course of the crossing. The AGRETO drive-over scale is therefore equipped with special technology to weigh all types of vehicles error-free.

Due to the separate evaluation of all 4 corners of the scale, the controller knows the exact positions of the wheels on the platform each time. These data and the statistical analysis of the weighing curves are included in the quality evaluation of the weighing. If a weighing does not meet the quality criteria, the controller issues a message so that the driver can respond.


To achieve a satisfactory accuracy, load changes must be minimized while driving. The condition of the road in the area of the scale is an important factor. For vehicles with multi-axle units, it must be as even as possible in the length of the entire vehicle before and after the scale. Many years of experience show that with the AGRETO drive-over scale, with proper installation and proper use in practice, nly negligible weight deviations from a weighbridge are achieved.


As a checkweigher for in-house use, the balance is not subject to the calibration requirement. That’s why it is much cheaper than a calibrated weighbridge, not just when you buy it, but also during operation.

From the direct manufacturer

The Austrian weighing technology manufacturer AGRETO electronics has been involved in the field of axle weighing of agricultural vehicles during the journey for 15 years and is also the market leader in the German-speaking area. The scales can be purchased directly from the manufacturer AGRETO or via the Agris GmbH, which belongs to the group of companies, without intermediate trade.

Further information about AGRETO axle scales

  • Please contact our responsible employee, Mr. Erich Schandl: Tel.: +43 2846 620 18,
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Weighing platform

The platform of the AGRETO axle load scale is a galvanized steel structure that is delivered ready-made, including the installed weighing technology and electronics.

  Weighing platform


The AGRETO axle scale is operated with a PC and the AGRETO weighing software. The PC software enables complete data management and evaluation, as well as the automated weighing of entire campaigns and is ideally suited for farms and biogas plants.


Foundation and installation

For installation, either a C-profile frame can be embedded in concrete as a foundation in the roadway, or a concrete tank for the scale can be created with the installation kit in-house.

  C-profile frame   Installation kit


To read the weights and status information, the use of a large outdoor display is recommended for each scale. The scale with PC control can also be upgraded with a radio-control system and image processing.

  Large display   Radio-control   Image processing
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