5 years warranty agreto

5 years warranty for all agreto products

Over and above the statutary warranty, the following guarantee conditions of the manufacturer apply to AGRETO products:
• AGRETO electronics GmbH guarantees the function and repairs or replaces all the parts that have a material or manufacturing damage within the warranty period.
• Warranty services will be performed only by the AGRETO electronics GmbH.
• The decision on the existence of a warranty claim is sole responsibility of AGRETO electronics GmbH.
• The warranty period begins with the first accounting to an end customer and ends 5 years from this date of invoice.
• Prerequisite for warranty service are the presentation of the original invoice and compliance with all elements of the manual.
• Excluded from warranty are wear, normal wear and tear, damage due to misuse, negligence or accident.
• When processing a warranty claim transport costs incurred will be charged to the buyer.
AGRETO electronics GmbH
Mogersdorf 17
A-8382 Mogersdorf
Phone.: +43 3325 20920
Email: office@agreto.com

If you buy from a dealer, the warranty is processed by him.
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