Hour meter AGRETO RotoCounter II

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Operating hours counter for devices with PTO / cardan shaft or other rotating shafts or moving parts • Tamper-proof housing • Sensor works without magnet • Reliably counts the rotation time • Ideal for community machines

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Product description

Tamper-proof hour meter with the greatest possible transparency and security for billing rental and community machines

This counter for the PTO shaft cannot be reset without the seal being visibly destroyed and cannot be removed or switched off.

Objective billing basis according to real use of the machine

The sensor only records those hours that are actually relevant for billing.

Works on all machines with rotating components

The counter can be mounted on any machine with a rotating component. The sensor does not need magnets, but only a triggering part that turns past the sensor.

Robust and waterproof according to protection class IP68

The robust housing without visible sealings guarantees reliable operation under all operating conditions in agriculture and industry.
Technical data
Device data:
• Activation by a rotating component (PTO, cardan shaft, drive shaft, gear ...) on the machine
• Sensor with permanent magnet (no installation of magnets required)
• Sensor cable length 2m
• Robust, one-piece plastic housing without visible sealing surfaces
• Waterproof according to protection class IP68
• Tamper-proof due to the sealing of the housing screws
• Zeroing, setting and changing the battery are only possible if the seal is visibly damaged
• Large, easy to read, permanently switched on LCD display
• Hour display optionally in hours and minutes or hours with 2 decimal places
• Six-digit hour display with 11 mm high digits
• Symbols for displaying the status information
• Power supply via 2 supplied AAA batteries
• Battery life with standard alkaline batteries approx. 3 years
• Dimensions: 93 x 52 x 33 mm (WxDxH)
Scope of delivery
Scope of delivery:
• 1 hour meter with sensor
• 1 mounting plate
• 2 batteries AAA
• 5 seals
• mounting material
• manual in 25 languages
Where is the meter mounted?
The counting unit should be mounted on a robust frame part of the machine, which can be viewed to read the meter.
How is the installation done?
You screw the supplied mounting plate to the machine. Then attach the meter to the plate and seal the housing screws. The meter can no longer be dismantled without visible damage to the seal.
Where is the sensor mounted?
The sensor must be placed in such a way that the rotating shaft or the gear wheel is passing the sensor at a distance of approx. 1 to 3 mm.
How fast does the shaft or trigger have to rotate to start the counting?
The counting pulse is achieved by turning the trigger past the sensor. The intensity of the pulse depends on the mass of the trigger, the speed of rotation and the gap between the trigger and the sensor. The larger the mass, the higher the speed and the smaller the gap, the sooner the sensor is triggered.
With a hexagonal profile of a PTO shaft at a distance of 2 mm approx. 300 revolutions per minute are required to trigger the counting. With an M6 screw head, approx. 150 revolutions per minute are required at a distance of 2 mm..
Does a magnet have to be mounted on the shaft?
No, the notches of a gear wheel or the PTO are sufficient to trigger the sensor.
How long is the live of the batteries?
The supplied standard alkaline batteries last approx. 3 years..
Can the batteries be changed?
Yes, another of the 5 supplied seals is used for the new sealing.
Can you reset the counter to "0"?
No, unless you destroy the seal and disassemble the device.
Any more questions?
Please call us: +43 2846 620

AgriCounter endurance test

Convince yourself, the housing is almost indestructible, as it should be for long-term use.

Assembly video RotoCounter I (previous model)

In this video you can see the installation of the device using the optional sensor assembly set. The steps are comparable for RotoCounter I and RotoCounter II.

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