AGRETO PFM II baler mounted moister Meter

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Moisture meter for installation in round or square balers • For determining the moisture in the bale during the pressing process • Ideal for farmers and contractors

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Product description

Professional Meter

The AGRETO installation moisture meter PFM II is a professional measuring instrument for determining the moisture content of hay and straw bales during the baling process.

Easy installation in all types of balers

The AGRETO PFM II can be installed or retrofitted with little installation effort in all standard round / square balers.

Robust construction, high quality materials

The AGRETO PFM II has a round sensor plate of high-strength plastic with 4times fixing and a splash-proof and shock-proof display unit. It is thus designed for many years of practical use.

Ongoing display of the measured value during the baling process

The AGRETO PFM II measures internally 25 times per second and displays the average value of a set interval (1, 2 or 5 seconds) on the display. So the driver gets a good overview of the moisture situation in the bale.

Maximum control and security

With the AGRETO PFM II you can respond at the earliest opportunity, thus avoiding problems due to bad feed quality or subsequent complaints.

NEW: Audible alarm if exceeding the threshold

If the measured moisture exceeds the set threshold, the device will emit an audible alarm.

Technical data

Display data:

• Dust- and waterproof plastic housing
• Size incl. bracket 70 x 131 x 62 mm(WxHxD)
• Keypad with 4 buttons
• 13 mm backlit LCD display
• Moisture range 9 to 70 %
• Resolution 0.1 %
• Accuracy +/- 0,8 % for lower moister values
• Ongoing display of the measured value
• Display of average values in adjustable intervals (1, 2, 5 or 15 seconds)
• Manual averaging
• Manual counting
• Power supply 12 V

Sensor plate:

• Round sensor plate of high-strength plastic
• Outer diameter of 110 mm with peripheral fase 10 mm
• Thickness 8 mm
• Mounting screws, washers and nuts made of stainless steel
• Insolating discs and spacers made of plastic


• 12 m coaxial cable between the display and the sensor plate
• Waterproof connectors
• 2 m Power supply cable with fuse

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery:

• 1 display unit
• 1 mounting bracket with 2 fixing screws
• 2 m Power supply cable with fuse
• 12 m sensor cable
• 1 sensor plate with mounting accessories
• 1 manual in 25 languages

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How does the moisture measurement with the AGRETO PFM II work?

The sensor plate of AGRETO PFM II is built in directly into the baler. On display in the cab you can read the moisture in the bale during the pressing process.

Can the AGRETO PFM II be used with balers of each brand, design and type?

Yes, there are no restrictions.

Where is the sensor installed in a round baler?

In a round baler, the sensor is mounted at a free position in the lower third in a side wall of the compression chamber or the tailgate (left or right). This location must be accessible for the installation work from the inside and the outside.

Where is the sensor installed in a square baler?

In a square baler, the sensor is mounted at a free location in a side wall of the press channel at half height and about 0.5 meters before the end of the pressing channel. The location must be accessible for installation work from the inside and the outside. If the pressed material is cut on one side, mount the sensor on the other side, where the material to be pressed is not cut.

Can the sensor plate be mounted also in the take up of the baler?

No, the pressed material at these locations is not uniformly compacted, this leads to incorrect results.

Why is the sensor plate round?

With the round sensor plate and the orbiting fase without edge it is excluded that round balers straps or other revolving parts are damaged. In addition, by symmetrically round design, the plate when worn can be turned up to 3 times, and the service life is increased.

Should the sensor be cleaned?

Normally not. Only at highly visible contamination.

What’s the life time of the sensor plate?

The wear of the sensor plate is a function of the compressed density and the speed at which the material flows past the sensor. A higher bale density or a higher speed mean a higher wear. In round balers the speed is much higher, here you can possibly weld a steel plate to the die wall in front of the sensor, to increase the lifetime of the sensor plate.

How long is the cable between sensor and display?

The sensor cable is 12 meters long. This is also suitable for big balers.

Is it necessary to start the measurement by push of a button?

No, the AGRETO PFM II displays the current humidity level automatically and continuously.

How often are the moisture values displayed?

Once the device is turned on, it is in the measurement mode and continuously displays humidity levels. These readings are only useful if the sensor is in contact with compacted material. The device measures 25 times per second and calculates at the set interval (1, 2 or 5 seconds) an average of the measurements in this interval. This average is displayed as the humidity level.

How can I change the time interval in which the average value is taken?

Simply by pressing the button "interval", even during operation.

Can I make also make averages manually?

Yes, with the "average" button an average can be calculated from any number of measurements displayed. This function can also be used for piece counting.

Is it necessary to re-calibrate the Meter?

No, the AGRETO PFM II is factory calibrated does not need to be recalibrated.

What moisture range can be measured with the AGRETO PFM II?

The moisture range is 9-70 percent. Below 9 percent, the device displays the text "L". Values between 50% and 70% are shown alternating the value and the note "H". Values above 70% are shown with the note "H".

What about the accuracy of the AGRETO hay- and straw moisture meter?

The resolution of the device is 0.1%, the accuracy in practical use at + / - 0.8%. This accuracy can only be guaranteed in the range up to about 20% moisture. In the higher humidity range, the deviations may be larger.

What power supply has the AGRETO baler moisture meter?

The device can be connected directly to the 12 or 24 Volt power supply of the tractor.

Can the AGRETO PFM II be used for the determination of moisture in silage bales?

Basically yes, the AGRETO PFM II measures moisture contents up to 70%. Values above 50% are shown with the note "H". This notice indicates that there may be very large inaccuracies here. Due to the highly variable moisture contents within a silage bale, especially in the uneven dried swaths only a rough estimate of the moisture condition of a silage bale can be done in practice.

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