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Electronic hour meter for machinery and equipment • activation by movement or vibration • distinction between working time and transport time • absolutely tamper-proof by sealing the housing • ideal for machine communities and machinery rental

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Product description

The AgriCounter Vibration works on all machines and devices

The operating hours counter can be used on any machine that is moving in use or causing vibrations, even on transport vehicles.

Separate recording of working time and travel time

The AgriCounter Vibration can differentiate between the actual working time (use on the field) and the transport time (road travel) due to the position of the meter. For this purpose, it is mounted on a side part, which is folded up during transport or on a chassis that is dug in use.

working position
=working time

travel position
=travel time

Flexibly adjustable for different applications

The meter can be configured for special requirements (operating mode, mounting position, display format ...).

The 4 operating modes of the AgriCounters

a) Operating hours total in motion
b) Working hours in working position in motion
c) Working hours in the working position in motion and transport hours outside the working position in motion
d) Working hours in working position regardless of movement.

Objective basis for the billing of your machines and devices

With the AgriCounter Vibration, the billing of the machine application can be carried out according to the actual wear-relevant service life. Service intervals can also be optimized.

Works on every machine

The operating hours counter can be used on any machine that is moved in use or causes vibrations, even on transport vehicles.

Robust and watertight hour meter

The robust housing without externally accessible sealing surfaces guarantee reliable operation under all operating conditions.

Absolutely tamper-proof

The AgriCounter Vibration works completely without tamper-proof-prone, external sensors. The meter is fixed to the machine during mounting and 2 screws are secured with a clearly numbered seal. Thereafter, zeroing, setting parameters or removing the batteries are only possible by a visible violation of the seal.

Technical data

Device data:

• Activation by movement or vibration of the machine
• Separate accumulation of working time (use on the field) and travel time (drive to the field) by changing the position of the meter possible
• Setting of 2 angles for the working and transport area
• Hour display optionally in hours and minutes or hours with 2 decimal places
• Setting possibility of the necessary intensity of the movement for the activation of the counting process
• Adjustment of a bridging time for safe, continuous counting
• Large, easy-to-read, permanently on LCD display
• Six-digit display of hours with 11 mm high digits
• Icons for displaying the operating mode and status information
• Robust, one-piece plastic housing without visible sealing surfaces
• Waterproof according to protection class IP69k (high-pressure cleaner-proof)
• Tamper-proof by sealing the housing screws
• Zeroing, setting and changing the battery is only possible by visibly violating the seal
• Powered by 2 supplied AAA batteries
• Battery life with standard alkaline batteeries approx. 3 years
• Dimensions: 93 x 52 x 33 mm (WxDxH)

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery:

• 1 operating hours counter
• 1 mounting plate with fixing screws
• 5 clearly numbered seals
• 1 manual in 25 languages

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the operating hour counter AgriCounter Vibration and the normal VibroCounter?

The AgriCounter Vibration is not only an operating hours counter based on vibration, but has a total of 4 different operating modes:

a) Operating hours total in motion

In this mode, the AgriCounter Vibration counts the total time that the machine is moving or the machine is vibrating.

b) Working hours in working position in motion

In this mode, the AgriCounter Vibration counts only the time when the meter is in working position and where the machine is moving or vibrating.

c) Working hours in the working position in motion and transport hours outside the working position in motion

In this mode, the AgriCounter Vibration counts two times. Once the time in which the counter is in working position and once the time in which the counter is out of work, only when the machine moves or vibrates.

d) Working hours in working position regardless of movement

In this operating mode, the AgriCounter counts the time in which the counter is in working position, independent of movements or vibrations of the machine.

For which machines is the AgriCounter suitable?

As an operating hours counter, the AgriCounter is basically suitable for all machines and devices that are moved during operation or that generate vibrations during operation on the stand (eg log splitter). However, the function for separate determination of working time and transport time can only be used on machines where it is possible to install the operating hours counter on a part that is in a different position during work operation than during transport.

How is the installation done?

You screw the supplied mounting plate to the machine. Then mount the meter on the mounting plate and attach the seal.

How does the AgriCounter detect the movements of the machine?

The AgriCounter does not work with a simple motion sensor that responds only to vibrations but with a modern 3-axis accelerometer. In addition to vibrations of the machine, this sensor can also detect changes in direction of the machine in all three levels. The AgriCounter therefore detects movements with maximum reliability without vibrations, for example on sprung transport vehicles.

Where is the operating hours counter for recording the total hours mounted? (Mode A)

If it is just a question of determining the total operating hours of the machine, the AgriCounter can be mounted anywhere on the machine. Of course, a sheltered and accessible location should be chosen. The position of the meter is not important for this application, a horizontal mounting is useful due to the better readability of the display.

Where is the hour-meter installed if only the actual working time or working time and travel time are to be recorded separately? (Operating modes B and C)

To record tonly the real working time, the AgriCounter is mounted so that it is in a different position when the machine is in working position than in the transport position. For example, on a hinged side part, which is folded up during transport or on a chassis that is dug in use. By changing its position, the counter recognizes whether the machine is now in the working position or in the transport position and, depending on the setting, only adds up the actual working time or both times (working time and transport time).

In which situation does the AgriCounter Vibration assume that the counted hours are work time or travel time?

When delivered, the counter is set to take the horizontal position (= 0 degrees) up to 45 degrees in both directions as working time and 45 degrees in both directions as transport time. These two angles can be adjusted individually as required, so all installation variants that occur in practice can be realized.

Which axis or in which direction does the operating hours counter have to turn to distinguish the two times?

The distinction is due to the rotation about the y-axis. When viewed from the front, the front of the counter (the side with the display) remains in the same level. Rotations around the two other axes are possible, but are not evaluated.

How are the two times displayed or read?

In operating mode C, the working time and the travel time are alternately displayed on the display for 5 seconds. In addition to the hours, the symbol is displayed with the arrow pointing down (device lowered) for work time and the symbol with the arrow pointing upwards (device dug) for the travel time.

Can I see on the display, in which situation (working time or transport time) the counter is?

Yes, as soon as the counter is in working position, a symbol with an angle is shown in the display. This display is independent of whether it is being counted (movement is taking place) and regardless of what time is being displayed.

Can I see on the display if and what time is being counted?

Yes, when the wave-line icon is lit, hours are counted. If the angle symbol also lights up, the working time is being counted, if the angle symbol does not light, the travel time is counted.

How does the meter react to short vibrations (for example: attachment process)?

Basically, the counter starts with a sufficiently large vibration or movement immediately with the count. Thereafter, however, it is waited whether further movements follow within the set bridging time (standard setting 20 seconds). If not, the time is not counted and the counter returns to its initial state. When movements follow, the time from the first move is counted. With this logic, such movements that do not represent use of the machine are filtered out.

How can the settings be changed?

Basically, the default settings of the AgriCounters are already set appropriately for most applications. In order to change settings anyway, the housing must be opened and with the inside buttons the settings menu is called up to change the appropriate parameters. This usually happens during assembly before the meter is sealed. A subsequent possibility for the user to change a setting without destroying the seal is not possible.

Can the AGRETO AgriCounter be reset to "0"?

Yes, but only over the keys inside the case. For the user, zeroing is thus not possible without visible damage to the seal. The owner may be able to zero the meter at the start of the season or when changing the meter to another machine, but must then attach a new seal afterwards.

How many seals are included?

With each device 5 clearly numbered seals are supplied, if necessary, further seals are available as spare parts.

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries last about 3 years. If the battery symbol lights up on the display, the batteries should be replaced.

Can the batteries be changed?

Yes, the seal must be destroyed and the device must be opened. Then a new seal is attached.

Can other batteries or batteries with a higher power be used?

All AAA size batteries can be used.

Why are no high-quality batteries (e.g. lithium-ion) supplied?

Special batteries are dangerous goods and there are many regulations and restrictions during shipping. Taking these requirements into account would make country-specific versions necessary and would make the product unnecessarily expensive.

Does the device counts the operating hours when the battery symbol lights up?

Yes, as long as there is an indication on the display, the counter continues to operate normally. If there is no longer any indication on the display, there is no counting. In this transition phase, the counting can be unreliable and cannot be guaranteed.

Are the operating hours and other data on the meter saved when the battery is empty or is replaced?

Yes, the data is saved in a permanent memory, the meter continues to work with the new battery with the existing data.

Can the operating hours counter be operated with an external power supply?

No, it is not intended.

Can seals be bought again?

Yes, the seals are available as accessories in a set of 10 pieces.

How can I be sure whether it is an original seal?

The original seals from Agreto have the word "AGRETO" printed on them and are clearly and consecutively numbered. If you as the landlord make a note of the seal's serial number, you can be absolutely sure whether a customer has opened the meter or tampered with the seal.

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