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AGRETO LoadCounter II M

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Load Counter for manure spreaders and transport vehicles • counts the number of transported loads • special counting logic for reliable determination of loads via sensor pulses and pause time • additional determination of operating hours possible via vibration/movement of the machine • ideal for machinery pools and machinery rental companies

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Product description

This load counter pays for itself in a very short time

The LoadCounter II M is a simple and reliable way to record the number transported loads. The machine rental companies receive a meaningful and trustworthy accounting basis for their rental machines. The members of machine pools can settle their accounts cleanly among themselves.

Additional recording of operating hours - if needed

Depending on the settings, the LoadCounter II M can only record the number of loads or the number of loads and the operating hours.

Flexibly adjustable for different applications

The parameters of the counter (number of pulses, pause time, response behaviour, display format, etc.) are preset according to standard practice, but can also be adapted to special requirements.

Technical data

Device data:

• Recording the loads via sensor pulses and pause time
• Activation of the hour counting by movement or vibration of the machine
• Hour display optionally in hours and minutes or hours with 2 decimal places
• Possibility of setting the necessary intensity of movement for activating the counting process
• Adjustment of a bridging time for safe, continuous counting
• Large, easy-to-read, permanently on LCD display
• Six-digit display of hours with 11 mm high digits
• Icons for displaying the operating mode and status information
• Robust, one-piece plastic housing without visible sealing surfaces
• Waterproof according to protection class IP68
• Waterproof cable gland for the sensor cable • Tamper-proof by sealing the housing screws
• Zeroing, setting and changing the battery is only possible by visibly violating the seal
• Powered by 2 supplied AAA batteries
• Battery life with standard alkaline batteries approx. 3 years
• Dimensions: 93 x 52 x 33 mm (WxDxH)


• Waterproof reed sensor
• Thread M12x1
• Cable length 3m

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery:

• 1 counter
• 1 mounting plate with fixing screws
• 1 sensor with adjusting nuts
• 1 magnet with fixing screw
• 5 clearly numbered seals
• 1 manual in 25 languages

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

For which machines is the LoadCounter II M suitable?

The AGRETO LoadCounter II M is designed for counting loads on manure spreaders and vehicles with scraper floors. The sensor of the counter must supply an adjustable number of pulses per load in order to register the loads. However, it can be used on any machine that has moving parts that change position at least once per transport operation. These parts can be operating levers, covers, tailgates or similar.

How the loads are counted?

The detection is done via the reed sensor, which must receive a certain number of pulses, and a pause time, which must at least elapse. If both conditions are met, a load is counted.

How does the unit behave when the working process is interrupted?

The minimum number of pulses ensures that interruptions in the application process, and thus exceeding the pause time, do not result in an additional load (e.g. pause during driving, drive at the headland, drive to the next field...).

Where is the unit mounted?

The housing with the built-in electronics should be mounted on the machine in a protected but accessible place.

Where is the sensor installed

The installation location of the sensor and the magnet must be chosen so that the magnet generates pulses in the sensor during the delivery process of a load or transport process. The magnet must move past the front end of the sensor. The sensor is usually mounted on a piece of flat iron.

Example scraper floor on the manure spreader:
The magnet is attached to one of the scraper floor shafts. If there is no suitable option here, the magnet can also be attached to the side of a sprocket or flange. The flat iron for the sensor is attached to a frame part.

Example PTO shaft on manure spreader:
The magnet is mounted on the PTO shaft on the trailer, the flat bar for the sensor on a frame part. For this type of mounting, the optionally available magnetic ring can be used instead of the magnet.

Example of assembly on the push-off trailer:
The magnet and the sensor are mounted in one place so that contact is made at least once while the load is being pushed off. A second contact is inevitably made when the sliding wall is returned.

How does the AgriCounter detect the operation hours of the machine?

The LoadCounter does not work with a simple motion sensor that responds only to vibrations but with a modern 3-axis accelerometer. In addition to vibrations of the machine, this sensor can also detect changes in direction of the machine in all three levels. The Counter therefore detects movements with maximum reliability without vibrations, for example on sprung transport vehicles.

How does the meter react to short vibrations (for example: attachment process)?

Basically, the counter starts with a sufficiently large vibration or movement immediately with the count. Thereafter, however, it is waited whether further movements follow within the set bridging time (standard setting 20 seconds). If not, the time is not counted and the counter returns to its initial state. When movements follow, the time from the first move is counted. With this logic, such movements that do not represent use of the machine are filtered out.

How can the settings be changed?

Basically, the default settings of the Counter are already set appropriately for most applications. In order to change settings anyway, the housing must be opened and with the inside buttons the settings menu is called up to change there the appropriate parameter. This usually happens during assembly before the meter is sealed. A subsequent possibility for the user to change a setting without destroying the seal is not possible.

Can the AGRETO LoadCounter II M be reset to "0"?

Yes, but only over the keys inside the case. For the user, zeroing is thus not possible without visible damage to the seal. The owner may be able to zero the meter at the start of the season or when changing the meter to another machine, but must then attach a new seal afterwards.

How many seals are included?

With each device 5 clearly numbered seals are supplied, if necessary, further seals are available as spare parts.

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries last about 3 years. If the battery symbol lights up on the display, the batteries should be replaced.

Can you change the battery?

Yes, the seal must be destroyed and the device must be opened. Then a new seal is attached.

Any more questions?

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