AGRETO Weighing Beam - Galvanized Steel 800 mm

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  • Lengths: 800 mm

Art. No. AGW0408

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800 mm galvanized steel weighing beams for mounting under cattle squeeze or treatment shoots, or under weighing platforms

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Product description

Flexible use up to 4000 kg loads

The AGRETO weighing beams are ideal for mounting under cattle squeeze or treatment shoots and for the construction of weighing platforms made of steel or wood.

Easy to install

The holes and slits on the sides of the beams enable a quick installation. With the adjustable legs differences in level can be compensated. The holes in the contact plates are used to attach the weighing beams to the ground or base.

Robust weighing technology

The AGRETO weighing beams consist of stable tubes and have a 2000 kg nominal load for each beam. The robust legs with 16 mm threads and the elastomer damping elements guarantee a long service life, even under demanding conditions.

Waterproof and fit for stables

The scale is completely dust- and waterproof according to protection class IP68 (can be used under water up to a depth of 1 m) and can thus be installed outdoors, in stables and damp rooms. All parts are made from galvanized steel.

High accuracy

Load cell accuracy is +/- 0.02%.
Technical data
Delivery contents:
• 2 weighing beams
• 4 m weighing signal cable each
• 1 waterproof screw plug for connection to the weighing indicator
• User manual
Weighing beams:
• 2 sturdy, easy to install weighing beams
• Galvanized steel
• Beam length: 800 mm
• Total capacity when built under a self-supporting platform scale: 4000 kg (2000 kg per beam)
• Adjustable legs with elastomer damping element and robust M16 thread
• Contact plates for attachment to the ground
• Total height can be adjusted between 85 and 100 mm
• 4 m long, treadable, UV-resistant signal cable with waterproof, robust IP67 screw plug
Load cells:
• 4 high-resolution shear force load cells with 1000 kg nominal load, 3 mV/V, 350 Ohm
• 4000 kg total nominal load, 120% secure overload, 150% breaking load
• +/- 0.02% accuracy
• Waterproof according to protection class IP68
• Operating temperature: -35 up to +65 °C
• Temperature compensated: -10 up to +40 °C
Weighing signal cable:
• 4-pin cable 4 x 0.5 mm2
• 7.6 mm outer diameter
• Special coating
• UV-resistant
• Small bending radius
• Treadable
For which applications can AGRETO weighing beams be used?
The AGRETO weighing beams can be mounted under cattle squeezes, treatment shoots, all kinds of platform scales, weighing vats and other scale constructions. Thanks to the sturdy and self-supporting construction AGRETO weighing beams usually don't need a supporting structure.
What needs to be taken into consideration during installation?
To obtain satisfying weighing results the weighing beams must be positioned horizontally. Differences in level can be offset with the adjustable legs.
How are the weighing beams attached to a cattle squeeze or treatment shoot?
On both sides of the AGRETO weighing beams there are two elements with holes and slits. These two side elements are attached to the scale construction with screws. If the construction doesn't have any holes in the desired spot, an additional plate must be attached.
What's the best way to build an animal scale using the AGRETO weighing beams?
To minimize weight and obtain a quiet, slip-resistant surface, wooden constructions are preferred. Parallel to both beams, at the top or on the side, wooden posts or battens are attached in the needed platform size. On this wooden base boards or posts can be attached with screws, in any desired length and required thickness. The platform shouldn't stick out more than 10% of total platform length past the legs of the weighing beams.
Can the AGRETO weighing beams be used on soft soils?
Yes, using the holes in the contact plates, the weighing beams can be attached to two wooden posts, to prevent the scale from sinking into the soft soil.
What's the maximum distance between the weighing beams?
The distance between beams is limited only by cable length, which can measure up to 6 m.
Can the weighing signal cable be extended?
Standard cable length is 2 x 4 m. These cables can be extended up to 20 m.
How accurately do the AGRETO weighing beams weigh?
The AGRETO weighing beams contain high-resolution shear force load cells that have a +/- 0.02% accuracy.
Any more questions?
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