Scale construction kit with shearbeam loadcells, 4x1t, XK3

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  • Number / Weighing rage: 4 x 1 t

  • Indicator: Standard indicator XK3

Art. No. AGWSBH1T4-XK3

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Scale construcion kit for individual weighing applications • robust and waterproof sharebeam loadcells • high accuracy • usable for any scale construction • Standard indicator Agreto XK3

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Product description

Flexible use for weighing applications up to 4.000 kg with a resolution of 0,5 kg

The scale kit is diverse usable and has an excellent price-performance ratio.

Robust and waterproof

The loadcells have a breaking load of 150 percent and are completely dust and waterproof according to protection class IP68. The feet are equipped with large-sized adjustment thread.

High Accuracy

The accuracy of the loadcells is +/- 0,02 %.

Unexpensive standard weighing indicator Agreto XK3

The indicator Agreto XK3 is an unexpensive weighing indicator for flexible use indoor and under dry conditions. Thanks to the powerful batterie it can be used for a long time without external power supply.
Technical data
Load cells:
• High-resolution shear beam load cells
• Capacity 1.000 kg per loadcell
• 3 mV/V, 350 Ohm
• 120% secure overload, 150% breaking load
• +/- 0.02% accuracy
• Waterproof according to protection class IP68
• Operating temperature: -35 up to +65 °C
• Temperature compensated: -10 up to +40 °C
Junction box:
• Waterproof box
• Connecting terminals for weighing cells and weighing signal cable
• Potentiometer for corner adjustment of load cells
• Cable outlets with cable screw connections
Weighing signal cable:
• 4-pin cable 4 x 0.5 mm2
• 7.6 mm outer diameter
• Special coating
• UV-resistant
• Small bending radius
• Treadable
• Display unit in plastic casing
• 1 bracket for mounting to wall or table
• 1 adapter for stand mounting
• Dimensions including mounting bracket 275 x 165 x 100 mm (WxHxD)
• Protection class IP63
• Connection to the load cells via a 9-pole D-sub plug
• 6-digit LED display with 25 mm high, bright red digits
• Automatic auto-zero when switching on or manual auto-zero
• Zero point stabilisation
• Taring and summing function
• Animal weighing mode, shows a stable weight, even when animals are restless
• Energy saving mode to preserve the battery
• Power supply through external 230 V power adapter or built-in battery
• RS-232 interface for external large indicator, or data transfer with PC or PLC
Scope of delivery
Scope of delivery:
• 4 loadcells
• 1 adjustable foot per loadcell
• 1 distance spacer per loadecll
• 1 junction box
• 6 m weighing signal cable
• 1 plug for connection to the weighing indicator
• 1 Indicator
• 1 User manual
For which weighing applications the load cell kit can be used?
The AGRETO Scales kit with shear beam load cells can be used for any scale constructions. They are ideal for animal scales, for all kinds of platforms, for installation in machines such as fertilizer spreaders, seeders, wrappers, balers, forage mixers, trailers, etc. and also for mobile scale constructions.
What do you have to pay attention to during assembly?
To get a satisfactory result, the load cells has to be mounted as horizontally as possible. With the height-adjustable feet level differences can be compensated.
How can the loadcells be attached to a platform?
The load cells including the spacer plates are bolted with two high-strength screws on the platform structure normally from bottom to top. In the area of ​​load cell mounting the scale construction must be resistant against bending and twisting. When utilizing the rated load, the material in the range of load cell mounting should have about half the thickness of the load cell itself. That is about 15 mm with a 1000 kg load cell. (see the pictures).
How can the loadcells be attached to a machine?
The load cells have two through holes on one side and a bore with a thread on the other side. The load cell must be mounted in that way, that the cell rests only in the region of the attachments to the structure and the entire load is transferred through the load cell. On the side with the two holes, the spacer plate can be used. On the side with the thread, a disc should be placed. To avoid tensions it is advisable to only tighten one cell and carry out the other fixtures floating. This is best done with a screw and a lock nut on the threaded side of the cell (-> see the pictures).
How long can the distance between two loadcells be?
The distance between the loadcells is only limited with the length of the cables.
Can the indicator get wet?
No, it complies with protection class IP63 and can only be used in dry environments.
Does the indicator contain a battery?
Yes, it contains a powerful battery, which is charged automatically when the power adapter is connected.
How does the animal weighing mode function?
For weighing a restless animal, the function button must be pressed to start the animal weighing mode. After 4 seconds the indicator shows an average weight. This average weight remains displayed until the function button is pressed again.
Must the indicator be calibrated before use?
When you buy a complete weighing system, the indicator will be calibrated in the factory. If you buy the indicator separately, it must be calibrated on site with the available load cells. The calibration procedure is described in the manual.
Any more questions?
Please call us: +43 2846 620.

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