Indicator B400 with GPS-Receiver

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  • Speed signal from: GPS receiver

Art. No. ADW05B400GPS

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Weighing indicator with calculation or the quantity per hectare ( kg / ha) for the AGRETO three-point scale • Displays the quantity applied per hectare while driving • Speed measurement via GPS-Receiver

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Product description

Displays the spread rate

This larger weighing indicator contains a second line that shows the quantity that is being applied in kg/ha.

Quick correction of erroneous settings

Because information is updated continuously, erroneous settings are detected faster.

Speed measurement via GPS-receiver

The GPS receiver supplied in the set provides the speed for the scale, ideal for vehicles without a signal socket.
Technical data
Delivery contents:
• 1 Two-line weighing indicator with mounting bracket
• 1 connecting cable to the signal socket
• 1 working position sensor with a 5 m cable
• 1 magnet with mounting screws
• 1 GPS-receiver
Weighing indicator:
• Spraywaterproof plastic casing
• LED-backlit LCD display
• 6-digit main display with 25 mm high digits
• Spread rate displayed on the second line with 15 mm high digits
• Digital installation and calibration
• Battery buffered real-time clock
• 12-24 Volt power supply
• 5 kg resolution for weighing indicator
• 10 kg resolution for spread rate
• Parameters can be set (displacement signal per 100 m, working width, updating interval...)
• Displays driving speed
• Calculates applied quantity per hectare through weight change and completed area
• Processes the working position signal – interrupts area calculation of the headland
• Automatic mode with continuously updated display of quantity per hectare in adjustable time periods
• Manual mode for calculating the quantity applied per hectare in a pre-defined area, with start-stop function and automatically displayed intermediate values
• 1 GPS-receiver
• 4 m cable length
• Integrated electronics box for processing the speed signal
• Waterproof screw plug for connecting the weighing indicator to the GPS-receiver
Working position sensor:
• 2-pin Reed sensor
• 5 m connecting cable
• Waterproof screw plug for connection to the weighing indicator
How is the spread rate calculated?
The worked or covered area is deduced from the combination of distance driven and pre-set working width. The scale measures weight loss at regular intervals (for instance, 10 seconds) which is divided over the area. The result is the quantity applied per hectare.
How accurate is the spread rate's display?
The quantity applied per hectare is shown with a 10 kg resolution. Because of relatively low weight loss during an interval and swaying of the scale while driving, a longer distance needs to be covered in practice, until the value has stabilized and become meaningful. This is more problematic for small quantities applied and narrow working widths.
Can a GPS-receiver be retrofitted?
Yes, instead of the speed sensor or the connection cable to the signal socket, the GPS receiver can be plugged in at any time.
Can the GPS-receiver be used for two devices at the same time?
No, the GPS receiver can only supply the signal to the device from which the power is supplied.
Can the AGRETO three-point scale be used on a tractor with a sensor and another tractor with a signal socket?
Yes, either a sensor or the connection cable to the signal socket or a GPS-receiver can be attached to the plug for the driving speed signal.
Where is the working position sensor mounted?
The working position sensor is usually mounted on the device near the volume adjustment. When in closed position (for instance the valve of a fertilizer spreader) the magnet must be in front of the sensor.
What is the working position sensor used for?
Because there is no output in the headland, the area calculation must be stopped. Thanks to the working position sensor the weighing indicator receives information on whether there's output or not (whether the valve is open or not). Without a working position sensor the spread rate calculation would need to be restarted for every track, which would lead to no result on short field lengths.
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