AGRETO three-point scale system - weighing triangle

AGRETO three-point scale with indicator and app

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AGRETO weighing triangle for simple intermediate assembly on category 2 three-point implements • Scale adjustable in height and width to attach on devices outside the implement standard • Ideal for fertilizer spreaders and similar attachments • Quick hooks for easy implement changes • Safety and cost savings when spreading fertilizer • AGRETO WA02 weighing indicator with Mobile-app for displaying the applied quantities per hectare • Made in Austria • 5 year warranty

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Product description

Mobile and cost effective scale for the tractor three-point linkage

This specially designed, mobile and inexpensive scale turns every tractor three-point linkage into a 4500 kg scale. The AGRETO three-point scale is simply mounted between tractor three-point linkage and implement.

Easy to attach to various implements

Implements seldom conform to category II dimensions, but the AGRETO three-point scale can be used everywhere nonetheless, thanks to the infinite adjustability of the length of the lower link (85-90 cm) and the height between lower link and top link (48-68 cm).

Certainty when filling and scattering

Ongoing information about the quantities filled in and scattered enables incorrect settings to be corrected.

Cost savings on resources

You only distribute the needed amounts and thus prevent overdosage.

Highest possible transport and operation security

Even when in an exceptional situation a load cell breaks, the construction of the AGRETO three-point scale prevents the loss of your implement and the enormous damages involved.

Quick and easy implement change

With the 2 quick hooks, the implement can be attached and detached quickly and easily.

Supplied disassembled in 3 boxes

The scale is delivered in 3 packages with the parcel service, the final assembly takes place on site. This means that shipping is quick and cheap.

Robust weight indicator AGRETO WA02 for the use on vehicles

The WA02 weighing indicator is a small, handy indicator for mounting in the tractor cab.

Modern, very easy to read display

The weighing indicator has a large e-ink or e-paper display. It reflects the light like normal paper and is therefore easy to read under all operating conditions, even in direct sunlight.

Bluetooth interface

The weighing display provides the weights via a Bluetooth interface, for example for the mobile phone app.

Free app "Agreto Spreader"

The Agreto Spreader app is the ideal addition to the three-point scale for fertilizer spreading. During the spreading process, the app shows the spread area and the currently spread quantity in kg per hectare.

*** Information for the ordering process ***

Please write the exact brand and type of your fertilizer spreader or attachment in the information field when ordering. To be on the safe side, we check whether the scale can be used with your implement without any problems.

Technical data

Scale construction:
• Steel construction with internal load cells
• High-quality special coating
• Roller guided mounting for the attachment of implements
• Designed for implements with a total weight of up to 4500 kg
• Offset backwards at the lower link 205 mm
• Offset to the rear at the top link adjustable to 124, 135, 148 or 159 mm
• Vertical distance between top link and lower link can be infinitely adjusted between 48 and 68 cm
• 80 kg net weight
• Dimensions: 104 x 84 x 20 cm (LxWxH) horizontal
Lower link attachment to the tractor:
• 28 mm pin diameter
• 64 mm inner width
• For standard lower links with Category II ball end or
• Lower link with Category II hook
• Lower link with Category III hook and Category II reduction balls
Top link attachment to the tractor:
• 25 mm pin diameter
• 64 mm inner width
• For standard top links with Category II ball end or
• Top link with Category II hook
• Top link with Category III hook and Category II reduction ball
Lower link attachment to the implement:
• Category II Quick-Hook-Link
• Horizontal distance can be adjusted infinitely between 85 and 90 cm
Top link attachment to the implement:
• 25 mm pin diameter
Load cells:
• 2 high-resolution shear force load cells with a 5000 kg nominal load each, 3 mV/V, 350 Ohm
• 10,000 kg total nominal load, 120% secure overload, 150% breaking load
• Waterproof according to protection class IP68
• -35 to +65 °C operating temperature
• -10 to +40 °C temperature compensated
• Internal load cell connection with T-junction
• 3 m weighing signal cable from the connection on the scale to the display
• Watertight, screwable plug connections
• +/- 0,02% load cell accuracy
• +/- 1 to 2% total system accuracy when operated properly in everyday conditions
• 5 kg weighing indicator resolution
Weighing indicator:
• Aluminum casing
• Adjustable bracket
• E Ink display
• Six-digit weight display with 16 mm digit height
• Total display with 5 mm digit height
• Voltage supply via 12 V on-board electronics or 9 V battery
• Resolution 5 kg
• Zeroing, summing
• Bluetooth interface
• Dimensions without assembly parts: 155 x 70 x 45 mm (WxHxD)
app Agreto-Spreader:
• For Agreto weighing indicator WA02 with software version from April 1st, 2022
• For mobile devices with Android operating system
• Automatic recognition of the weighing indicator via Bluetooth
• Setting the working width and the number of sections
• Display of the current weight
• Display of the applied quantity per hectare
• Display of the spread area
• Display of the remaining area (which can still be spread with the spreader contents)
• Display of the driving speed
• Start / Stop - function for calculating the spread rate
• Pause - Function to pause and resume application on headlands
• Automatic headland: Automatic pausing and continuation via adjustable speed value
• Selection of sections (if available) for correct calculation of quantities and areas
• Adjustable stabilization for unsteady loads
• Unit kg or lb
• Operating languages: German, English, French
• Installation via Google PlayStore "Agreto Spreader"

To install the Agreto Spreader app scan the following link:
app Agreto Spreader installieren
Privacy Policy Agreto Spreader app
Delivery content
Content of delivery:
• 1 scale construction for three-point linkage
• 2 adjustable top link brackets
• 1 top link pin
• 2 lower link pins
• 3 linchpins
• 1 weighing indicator WA2
• 1 Agreto Spreader App
• 1 user manual
How does the AGRETO three-point scale function?
The AGRETO three-point scale is mounted between tractor and implement. The implement hangs on the weighing triangle and is weighed.
Which implements can be attached to the AGRETO three-point scale?
In principle every Category II implement with a total maximum weight of 4,500 kg can be mounted and weighed. The three-point scale is mostly used for weighing fertilizer spreaders, but also for transport crates, feed mixers and similar implements.
Which implements can't be attached?
Implements with attachment parts near the scale can't be attached (for instance, fertilizer spreader output adjusters).
How are implements attached that do not fully conform to Category II?
In practice, mounting dimensions very often deviate from the Category II standard. For this reason the AGRETO three-point scale can be adjusted horizontally and vertically to fit the implements.
Can the three-point scale be attached to Category III tractor hooks?
Yes, but only when Category II pins are used on the three-point scale. For this you need reduction balls from Category III (outer diameter) to Category II (pin diameter). There is more than enough space for the hook.
How big is the offset to the back using the AGRETO three-point-scale?
Due to the ccompact design of the tree-point-scale, the offset to the back in the standard version is only 20 cm.
If the additional 13 cm shorter top link pins are used for the top link, the attachments only move about 14,5 cm backwards.
The offset to the back using the Walterscheid quick compling-hook is 20 cm.
Does the use of the AGRETO three-point scale result in an offset above or below?
Yes, the device hangs approx. 6 cm higher.
Does the cardan shaft have to be lengthened when using the AGRETO three-point scale?
That depends on the reserve in the cardan shaft used. If the cardan shaft used cannot bridge the additional 16 cm, either a longer cardan shaft or an extension stub must be used.
Is there a risk of the cardan shaft buckling on the scale construction?
Normally not, the frame of the scale starts about 30 cm above the lower link pin. If your attachment has the PTO shaft connection very far to the rear, an extension stub for the PTO shaft on the device side is advantageous in order to prevent the PTO shaft from kinking when the device is lowered.
Can the AGRETO three-point be used for sowing machines?
A three-point scale should in principle not be charged with high horizontal forces. A seed drill is not a problem, but a sowing machine that works the soil as well shouldn't be attached. Monitoring the content of a seed tank with a small amount of seeds (for instance, rapeseed) is not possible, as the scale's resolution is too coarse.
Why must the distance between the weighing triangle's lower link pin and top link pin correspond to the distance on the attachment?
When both heights correspond, there's a right angle between scale and upper mounting bracket. Only when this angle is exactly 90°, does the scale measure weights correctly, no matter the position of the load.
How does one set this right angle?
There are 4 holes with a distance of 47.5 mm for attaching the upper mounting brackets. This allows for a rough adjustment. The mounting elements with the 4 holes can be infinitely adjusted through slits with a mounting range of 50 mm, until a right angle is achieved.
Does the AGRETO three-point scale have to be exactly vertical?
It would be ideal, but for many attachments the top link's mounting point sticks out further than the mounting points of the lower links. This makes a slanted position for the scale inevitable. The slant can be partially compensated by using the short position of the top link brackets. However, a slight slant doesn't really impact weighing accuracy all that much. If necessary, calibration of the weighing indicator can be adjusted to the slanted position. The right angle between scale and top link bracket must be maintained though.
How accurately does the AGRETO three-point scale weigh?
The weighing indicator's resolution is set at 5 kg. In practice, this accuracy can be achieved with a properly set up scale as well.
Can the weighing indicator be read while driving?
Yes, the AGRETO three-point scale's weighing indicator has been set up in such a way that it shows stabilised values.
Can the AGRETO three-point scale be washed?
Yes, it can. In fact, this needs to be done regularly when used in combination with fertilizer spreaders. The scale is waterproof according to protection class IP68 and the load cells are on the inside.
How does the AGRETO three-point scale react to sudden loads?
With a nominal load of 2 x 5,000 kg and a breaking load of 2 x 7,500 kg, the load cells are oversized and designed for great safety.
How does the AGRETO three-point scale react to lateral forces?
Lateral forces that occur during a bumpy ride due to attachments swinging left and right should not be underestimated. In order not to damage the weighing technology, these lateral forces must be kept away from the load cells. With the Agreto three-point scale, all lateral forces are absorbed by the roller-guided suspension.
How is the final assembly done?
During the final assembly, only the side parts have to be screwed to the middle part and the hooks and the cables plugged together. You can find detailed instructions in the manual.
How is the WA02 weighing indicator used in practice when spreading fertilizer?
Normally the empty spreader is zeroed with the "0" key. When filling, the weight can already be read and the required amount loaded into the spreader. During the spreading process, the weight display runs down until the spreader is empty and the display shows 0 again. Alternatively, the display can also be set to zero with the loaded spreader, the weight then runs into the minus range during application, but the amount already spread can be read directly.
Does the weighing indicator need to be calibrated?
If the weighing indicator is purchased together with the AGRETO three-point scale, the indicator is correctly calibrated. It is recommended to repeat the calibration if the scale needs to be tilted more than 10 degrees.
How does the spreader app work?
When it starts, the app automatically connects the smartphone to the weighing indicator via the Bluetooth interface. The weights are read from the indicator, stabilized if necessary and displayed. The positions and driving speed are determined via the GPS receiver of the smartphone. The currently spread quantity in kg per hectare is calculated while driving from the decreasing weights of the scales, the set working width, the set sections and the speed.
How does the spreader app's automatic headland function work?
If the spreader is switched off at the headland and then switched on again in the track, the calculation of the spread quantity and the spread area must be interrupted and activated again. This can be done manually in the app, but is not practical. Therefore, a speed for automatic switching on and off can be defined in the settings.

The calculation is started manually at the beginning of the field, then the automatic is active. If the speed is exceeded, the calculation starts. If the speed is not reached, the calculation pauses. The automatic can be manually overridden for fast and longer journeys at the headland and then reactivated.
How accurate is the calculation of the area via the GPS receiver of the smartphone?
The Agreto Spreader app optimizes the calculation of the area (over the distance traveled or speed) as good as possible. With modern smartphones, the calculation works surprisingly well. Nevertheless, the accuracy is largely dependent on the quality of the GPS reception and the GPS receiver. A dedicated level of accuracy can therefore not be specified. In practice, however, it has been shown that in many cases the accuracy deviates only a few percent from professional GPS systems. At the beginning of the spreading process, the results naturally fluctuate greatly, over the course of the journey more and more data is collected and the calculated quantity per hectare stabilizes more and more so that a meaningful value is created.
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