Indicator B300 for AGRETO Three-point Scale

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Robust and practical weighing indicator for AGRETO Three-point Scale • Stabilized weight display for reading while driving • Null and tare function

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Product description

Standard weighing indicator for the AGRETO Three-point Scale

The indicator B300 is a small and handy device for mounting in the cabin of a tractor.

Stabilized weight display

Due to the stabilized displaying of the weights the display can be read while drining - even when driving on uneven fields.

Partial weighings possible

The tare-function allows to make weighings of the scattered amount on partial areas, for example one field length.
Technical data
Delivery contents:
• 1 Weighing display (front part)
• 1 Weighing software standard
• 1 Housing (back part)
• 1 Mounting bracket
• 2 m Power supply cable with plug
• 3.5 m Weighing signal cable with plug
• 1 Manual
Weighing indicator:
• Spraywaterproof plastic casing
• 6-digit LCD display with 20 mm high digits
• LED backlight
• 12-24 volt power supply
• 5 kg resolution
• Null and tare function
• Dimensions without bracket 164 x 77 x 81 mm (WxHxD)
How is the weighing indicator used in fertilizer spreading?
Normally the empty spreader is reset with the -0- key. When filling, the weight can already be read and the required quantity of fertilizer can be loaded into the spreader. During the spreading process the weight is displayed and runs downwards until the spreader is empty and the display shows 0 again. Alternatively, the display can also be reset with the loaded spreader, the weight then runs into the minus range during spreading, but the already scattered quantity can be read directly.
How does the partial weighing works?
In order to find or verify the correct setting of the fertilizer spreader, the quantity applied can be determined on a field length. To do this, press the -T- (tare) button at the beginning of the field, the display starts at 0 and displays the quantity scattered in minus values. At the end of the field, read the number and calculate it to the amount per hectare according to the working width and the field length. Press the -T- button again to return to normal mode. This operation does not affect the total weight and can be repeated as often as required.
Is it necessary to calibrate the display?
When the weighing display is purchased together with the AGRETO Three-point Scale, the display is calibrated correctly. It is recommended to repeat the calibration if the scale is tilted by more than 10 degrees.
Any more questions?
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