AGRETO GFM grain moisture meter

AGRETO GFM grain moisture meter

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Inexpensive quick test device/grain moisture meter for all common crops. Easy to operate and robust enough for heavy everyday use with combine harvesters or tractors.

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Product description

Professional moisture meter for all major crops

The AGRETO GFM is a portable device for fast determination of the moisture content of grain, corn, oil crops, protein crops and other crops (42 crops in total).

Ideal for the determination of the harvest and storage life

With the AGRETO GFM the moisture is determined directly on the field to make the decision to harvest

Practical to use, directly on the combine or trailer

Through the whole grain measurement and the practical handling provides the GFM in seconds, one or more measurement results without cleaning. The large display and ease of use of the device make the use even in the dark, without limitation, possible.

Time and cost savings for farmers and contractors

The determination of the moisture on the field prevents unnecessary trips to the dealer and expensive downtimes of the harvesters.

High measuring accuracy

Due to the compressed sample, the automatic temperature correction and the quality measurement electronics provides the GFM reliable results. In the usual harvest moisture are the deviations at max. + / - 0.5%. The calibration curves are individually adjustable for each crop and can be adapted to the reference device.
Technical data
• Robust Full grain moisture meter
• Size 100 x 175 x 75 mm (WxHxD)
• Measurement curves for 40 cultures
• Moisture range 5 to 40 % (depending on culture)
• Sampe size 80 ml
• Accuracy +/- 0,5%
• Resolution 0,1 %
• Automatic temperature compensation
• Calibration curves individually adjustable
• Spring-loaded indicator in the cover for precise compression of the sample
• Large backlit display
• Forming average values
• Auto power-off
• Power supply 2 x 9 V batteries(1 x for electronic, 1 x for display light)
Available languages:
• German, French, English, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
Bezeichnung     Messbereich

Alfaalfa 6,0 % 24,0 %
Barley 7,0 % 25,0 %
Buckwheat 6,0 % 23,0 %
Corn with high moisture 15,0 % 40,0 %
Corn with low moisture 6,0 % 22,0 %
Dactyl 7,0 % 22,0 %
Durum wheat 7,0 % 21,0 %
Feed wheat 7,0 % 21,0 %
Flax (linseed) 5,0 % 17,0 %
Foxtail millet 8,0 % 23,0 %
Green peas 7,0 % 21,0 %
Kidney beans 8,0 % 20,0 %
Lenses 7,0 % 17,0 %
Long-grain rice 8,0 % 22,0 %
Medium-length rice 8,0 % 22,0 %
Millet 6,0 % 21,0 %
Mustard seeds 5,0 % 21,0 %
Oats 6,0 % 23,0 %
Peas 8,0 % 20,0 %
Phleum 6,0 % 22,0 %
Rape 7,0 % 15,0 %
Red beet seeds 8,0 % 20,0 %
Red clover (violet) 6,0 % 20,0 %
Rye 7,0 % 26,0 %
Rye grass seed 9,0 % 20,0 %
Saffron 6,0 % 28,0 %
Sheep's fescue 6,0 % 22,0 %
Sorghum 9,0 % 21,0 %
Soybeans 8,0 % 25,0 %
Spanish peanuts 6,0 % 15,0 %
Spelt>/td> 7,0 % 21,0 %
Spring wheat (white) 7,0 % 22,0 %
Sunflower oil 4,0 % 20,0 %
Sunflower strips 6,0 % 22,0 %
Triticale 7,0 % 23,0 %
White clover 5,0 % 21,0 %
White corn popcorn 6,0 % 20,0 %
Wheat glass 6,0 % 20,0 %
Winter wheat 7,0 % 21,0 %
Yellow corn popcorn 6,0 % 24,0 %
Yellow peas 7,0 % 21,0 %
Scope of delivery
Scope of delivery:
• 1 Moisture meter
• Carry bag
• 2 Batteries 9 V
• 1 Manual
How to do a measurement with the moisture meter AGRETO GFM?
Unscrew lid, fill the measuring chamber of the appliance to the brim, remove excess material and screw the cover back on the device. Pull the cover where known until the spring-loaded indicator is at the height of the lid. Now you can start the measurement and a few seconds later read the result. The culture used last is saved if you have previously measured a different culture, you must select the right culture before the measurement.
Which crops can be measured?
The AGRETO GFM has calibration curves for a total of 40 cultures, a detailed list can be found in the technical data.
What is the measuring accuracy of the moisture meter GFM?
The AGRETO GFM determines as all quick provision devices not the humidity, but an electrical value which is converted with the aid of a calibration curve for moisture. Fits the calibration curve to the culture and the characteristics of the sample (maturity, bulk density, variety ...) then the measurement results are largely consistent with calibrated equipment or reference measurements in a drying cabinet. Due to the different properties in practice variations in the result occur. The differences in practical use are, if properly applied usually no larger than. + / - 0.5 percentage points.
Can or must the calibration curves be re-calibrated?
Yes, every single culture can and should be recalibrated from time to time. It is recommended to compare at the beginning of the harvest season, the required calibration curves with the device of your dealer and readjust if necessary
Why should always be several measurements carried out?
The Agreto moisture meter GFM has in comparison to other units, a relatively large sample size. The risk of not representative mounting sample is thus smaller, but still present. An average of several samples and measurements is thus meaningful. When using a moisture analyzer at the field during harvesting, the samples from different locations in the field have to be taken into account.
Can I measure with the GFM cultures, for which no calibration curve is included?
The calibration curves cannot be extended or renamed. It can, however, a culture you do not need be "misused" and used for an additional required culture. However, you have to adjust the calibration with a sample and a reference device. If you want to measure, for example, pumpkin seeds, then you could use any calibration for sunflowers. Measure a pumpkin seed sample with the reference instrument and the same sample with the setting for sun flowers with the GFM. Adjust the calibration curve for sunflowers on the GFM so that it fits together with the reference device. Now you can measure your pumpkin seeds with the calibration for sunflower.
What is usen for the power supply of the device?
The GFM has two battery compartments for a 9 V block. One of them is used for the measurement electronics, the second for the backlight.
How long do the batteries last?
This depends on the frequency of use. Generally the device can be operated for several years with a battery. By using a second battery for the lighting (which is rarely needed), there is virtually always a spare battery available.
Any more questions?
Please call us: +43 2846 620
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