Handheld combine MiniBatt plus | Cereal samples quickly and easily

Handheld combine / mini thresher MiniBatt plus 2023

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Battery-powered hand thresher / mini thresher Minibatt plus , quickly and easily delivers representative samples e.g. for the determination of moisture and other quality criteria - Saves fuel, time and hassle • Model 2023

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Product description

Rapid representative samples with the mini hand combine Minibatt plus

The Minibatt handheld combine / mini thresher quickly delivers representative samples, e.g. for moisture measurement but also for the determination of falling number, hectoliter weight, protein and other parameters.

New improved model 2023

The Minibatt + 2023 has a clear display and a brushless motor with low energy consumption and constant torque even at low speeds.

Individual and site-specific

Even field sections that are difficult to access are easily accessible and sampling is carried out individually and site-specifically.

Light and handy

Its light weight and easy handling make it a constant companion in the harvest season.

Minibatt saves fuel, time and hassle

Unnecessary trips to the field with combine, advance vehicle, tractor and trailer cause high costs during the valuable harvest time. With the Minibatt+, this can be avoided.

Technical data

Instrument data:

• Dimensions aluminum case (H x W x L) 380 x 475 x300 mm
• Weight incl. case 10 kg
• Operating weight of the machine 3.300 g
• Speed at idle 1.400 - 2.000 rpm
• Diameter of threshing concave 160 mm
• Width of threshing wings 145 mm
• Air flow velocity at the channel outlet 4 to 8 m/s
• Sample hopper capacity 500 ml and 720 ml
• Rated voltage 14.4 V
• Battery power 3.000 mAh
• Battery charging time approx. 60 min

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery:

• 1 Minibatt+ mini combine harvester
• 1 threshing concave for grain with deburrer
• 2 sample containers
• 1 battery
• 1 battery charger
• 1 instruction manual
• 1 threshing concave long hole 3,5 x 7 (rape and other small grains)
• 1 threshing concave long hole 10 x 23,5 (peas, soybeans,...)
• 1 threshing concave long hole 12 x 32 (field beans and other large grains)
• 1 aluminum case
• 1 cap Minibatt+


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