AGRETO hydraulic scale construction kit

AGRETO hydraulic scale construction kit

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Hydraulic scale for installation in single-acting lift cylinder on front-end loaders and forklifts • Easy determination of the charge quantity.

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Product description

Weigh from your vehicle

With the AGRETO hydraulic scale you have a scale on board that allows you to keep an eye on loads while you're working.

Check load and transport volumes

The summing function of the weighing indicator enables the optimal loading of vehicles

Easy to install

All you have to do for using the AGRETO hydraulic scale, is install a pressure sensor and the weighing indicator.
Technical data
Delivery contents:
• 1 pressure sensor
• 5 m weighing signal cable with waterproof plug connector
• 1 weighing indicator
• 2 m power supply cable
• 1 user manual
Pressure sensor:
• Robust and reliable pressure sensor
• Hydraulic pressure up to 250 bar
• 1.5 mV/V output
• 120% overload, 150% breaking load
• +/- 0.1% accuracy
• -20 to +65 °C operating temperature
• -10 to +50 °C temperature compensated
• M14 x 1.5 connection
Weighing indicator:
• Robust, practical indicator in ABS plastic casing
• Shockproof and spraywaterproof
• 6-digit LED-backlit LCD display with 20 mm high digits
• 12 to 24 V power supply
• -10 bis +50 °C operating temperature
• Stabilized weight indicator
• Simple calibration function
• Taring through the push of a button (zeroing the empty machine)
• Summing function, also to be activated externally
• +/- 0.1% pressure sensor accuracy
• +/- 2% total system accuracy in practice when used properly
• 5 kg weighing indicator resolution
How does the AGRETO hydraulic scale function?
A pressure sensor is installed in the hydraulic line between control unit and lifting cylinder. The weighing indicator converts the hydraulic pressure to weight, and shows the number in stabilised form.
In which machines can the AGRETO hydraulic scale be built?
In principle the AGRETO hydraulic scale is suitable for every fork lift truck and front loader with a single-acting lift cylinder. For double-acting lift cylinders a system with two pressure sensors and a different display device is needed. The weighing indicator must be calibrated for the machine it is built in.
How is a calibration executed?
The weighing indicator's menu contains a calibration procedure. The weighing indicator first calculates hydraulic pressure while empty, and then hydraulic pressure with a known load. This enables the conversion from hydraulic pressure to weight. A more detailed description of the procedure can be found in the user manual.
Can the AGRETO hydraulic scale be installed in a tractor's rear hydraulics?
Pressure conditions in rear hydraulics can't be converted to weight because of the rotary motion of the lift cylinder, lower link and top link. Depending on the lifting height and the load's position, pressure fluctuates so much - even when weight is stable - that it's impossible to get a useful result. Tests have shown deviations of up to +/- 20%.
How accurate is the AGRETO hydraulic scale?
The weighing indicator's resolution has been set to 5 kg. In practice deviations of +/- 2% can occur. To reach this level of accuracy the scale must be properly calibrated and the vehicle has to stand on a level surface. For forklift trucks the mast must be in the same position it was in during calibration. For front loaders lifting height and every tool position must be the same as they were during calibration. When possible, loads on front loaders must also be in the same position, as pressure is tied to the distance between load and the front loader's pivot point.
Can the weighing indicator be read while driving?
Yes, the AGRETO hydraulic scale's weighing indicator has been set up in such a way that it shows stabilised values. However, reading while driving only gives you a rough estimate.
Any more questions?
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