AGRETO scale kit for fertilizer spreaders

AGRETO scale kit for fertilizer spreaders

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  • Design load cells: Tool steel

Art. No. AGW20041

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Weighing technology for retrofitting fertilizer spreaders • turns your fertilizer spreader into a weighing spreader • in practical use suitable for fertilizer spreaders up to 2,000 kg capacity • weighing cells made of tool steel • standard weighing indicator B300 for installation in the tractor cab

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Product description

Make your fertilizer spreader a weighing spreader

By installing the AGRETO Weighing Kit in the existing spreader you can use many advantages of a weighing spreader with your existing machine.

Easy to retrofit in many spreader types

Usable for many fertilizer spreader models, for example RAUCH the AGRETO weighing kit can be installed without great technical effort.

Ideal for smaller fertilizer spreader

New fertilizer spreaders with weighing system are often large and heavy. By retrofitting your existing fertilizer spreader you can use modern technology in your small spreader and may aslo in the future use your small tractor.

Robust weight indicator AGRETO WA02 for the use on vehicles

The WA02 weighing indicator is a small, handy indicator for mounting in the tractor cab.

Modern, very easy to read display

The weighing indicator has a large e-ink or e-paper display. It reflects the light like normal paper and is therefore easy to read under all operating conditions, even in direct sunlight.

Bluetooth interface

The weighing display provides the weights via a Bluetooth interface, for example for the mobile phone app.

Free app "Agreto Spreader"

The Agreto Spreader app is the ideal addition to the three-point scale for fertilizer spreading. During the spreading process, the app shows the spread area and the currently spread quantity in kg per hectare.
Technical data
Weighing indicator:
• Aluminum casing
• Adjustable bracket
• E Ink display
• Six-digit weight display with 16 mm digit height
• Total display with 5 mm digit height
• Voltage supply via 12 V on-board electronics or 9 V battery
• Resolution 5 kg
• Zeroing, summing
• Bluetooth interface
• Dimensions without assembly parts: 155 x 70 x 45 mm (WxHxD)
Load cells:
• High resolution shear load cells, 3 mV / V, 350 Ohm
• Robust nickel-plated tool steel
• Safe overload 120%, breaking load 150%
• Accuracy +/- 0.02%
• Cable length 4 m
• Waterproof to IP68
• Operating temperature -35 to +65 ° C
• Temperature Compensated -10 to +40 ° C
app Agreto-Spreader:
• For Agreto weighing indicator WA02 with software version from April 1st, 2022
• For mobile devices with Android operating system
• Automatic recognition of the weighing indicator via Bluetooth
• Setting the working width and the number of sections
• Display of the current weight
• Display of the applied quantity per hectare
• Display of the spread area
• Display of the remaining area (which can still be spread with the spreader contents)
• Display of the driving speed
• Start / Stop - function for calculating the spread rate
• Pause - Function to pause and resume application on headlands
• Automatic headland: Automatic pausing and continuation via adjustable speed value
• Selection of sections (if available) for correct calculation of quantities and areas
• Adjustable stabilization for unsteady loads
• Unit kg or lb
• Operating languages: German, English, French

To install the Agreto Spreader app scan the following link:
app Agreto Spreader installieren
Privacy Policy Agreto Spreader app
Delivery contents
Delivery contents:
• 1 Weighing indicator
• 4 Load cells, tool steel
• 4 Distance plates
• 4 Fixing plates
• 1 Connector box
• 4 m signal cable from junction box to weighing indicator
• 1 User manual

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