AGRETO conversion kit for mechanical scales

AGRETO conversion kit for mechanical scales

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Kit for the modernization of a mechanical vehicle scale with PC control • Minimum installation effort • Low cost.

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Product description

The latest technology, combined with your existing vehicle scale

With this conversion kit you turn your mechanical vehicle scale into a modern, computer controlled scale. A lot of accessories for new vehicle scales are available as well.

Weighing from the driver's seat via remote control

Remote control allows you to conduct weighings from the driver's seat, and transfer information concerning the actual weighing to your PC software. Vehicle, client/supplier, stroke, article data and other data can be automatically recorded during a weighing.

Easy to install

An S-shaped load cell is mounted into the scale's traction rod and connected to a weighing indicator. On this linkage only a few 100 kilograms of force occur, even if the maximum load of the scale is 20t, 50t or 80t.

Low costs

Using one small load cell on the traction rod leads to much lower costs when compared to a complete overhaul of your scale by installing 4 to 6 big load cells under a weighbridge.

The scale can still be operated without weighing indicator or PC

When necessary your scale can still be used mechanically, like you did before the conversion. The installed load cell doesn't alter the scale's mechanical functioning in any way.
Technical data
Delivery contents:
• 1 S-shaped traction load cell with connecting cable to the weighing indicator
• 2 fork heads for mounting the load cell to the rod
• 1 AGRETO HD1 weighing indicator with serial interface
• 2 m serial connecting cable to the PC with a 9-pin D-sub connector
• 1 USB/RS-232 converter
• 1 AGRETO drive-over-scale software CD
• 1 user manual
Load cell:
• High-resolution, S-shaped traction load cell (Zugkraftwiegezelle) made from tool steel
• 150 to 1000 kg nominal load of the loadcell, depending on your needs
• 120% secure overload, 150% breaking load
• 5-12 Volt power supply, 350 Ohm resistance
• Waterproof according to protection class IP67
• M12 internal thread
• Dimensions: 51 x 76 x 19 (25) mm
AGRETO HD1 weighing display:
• Stainless steel casing and mounting bracket
• Dust- and waterproof according to protection class IP67
• 6-digit backlit LCD display with 25 mm digit height
• Weighing range up to 999,999 kg
• 10 kg resolution
• Auto-zero position or manual zero position
• Zero point stabilisation, summing
• Animal weighing mode, energy saving mode
• Built-in power supply unit
• Data output through RS-232 interface for large display, PC or PLC
• Optional battery operation with 2 x 1.5 V AA
• Dimensions including mounting bracket: 258 x 178 x 58 mm (HxWxL)
AGRETO drive-over-scale weighing software:
• Management and control of components and accessories
• Master data administration for addresses, articles, vehicles and their tare weight, strokes, allocations
• Setting up the remote control with allocation of pre-set values
• Display of weight and traffic light status
• Recording of weighings with date, time, driving direction, driving speed and all weights
• 3 weighing modes: dynamic, static and manual
• Lists of weighings with filter and sorting function
• Displaying the camera's live image and recorded images of weighings
• Management of pre-set values for weighings
• Subsequent editing of weighings
• Dry matter management
• Generating and printing weighing notes and weighing lists
• Integrated list designer for all evaluations
• Data export to Excel or other formats
• Data backup and recovery
• Remote maintenance tool for support via Internet
Which scales can be equipped with the AGRETO conversion kit?
All mechanical weighbridges that have functioning rods and bearings. The system is optimized for converting vehicle scales, but can also be used for all other mechanical scales.
Can a calibrated scale also be upgraded with the AGRETO conversion kit?
No, for a calibration all additional components need to be included. The AGRETO conversion kit can only be used as a checkweigher, not a legal for trade scale.
How is the traction load cell (Zugkraftwiegezelle) dimensioned?
The S-shaped load cell must be dimensioned in such a way that it shows a nominal load of at least 150% of the maximum occurring traction in the rod. This maximum traction is either determined by a measurement, or by a calculation using the weights and lever length on the mechanical part of the scale.
How does the scale get calibrated?
To be able to read the correct weight off the weighing indicator, the weighing indicator is calibrated on the spot. All you have to do, is calibrate it with a known vehicle weight.
How accurate is the weight displayed on the weighing indicator or the PC?
When the mechanical part of the scale is functioning correctly, the system weighs with an accuracy of +/ - 0.02%. The pre-set resolution is 10 kg.
Can the scale be operated with just the weighing indicator, and without a PC?
Yes, the load on the scale can also be read off the weighing indicator when the PC isn't running.
Can the software's dynamic weighing mode be used to weigh while driving?
When the weighbridge is a couple of metres longer than the vehicle and the scale is crossed with a steady driving speed, you can weigh dynamically without having to
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