AGRETO weighing platform 1 x 1.2 m with weighing indicator XK3

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  • Platform size: 1 x 1,2 m

Art. No. AGW0602

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Robust platform scale for a wide variety of applications as a pallet scale, floor scale, big bag scale, container scale, animal scale, etc. • Inexpensive universal scale for agriculture

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Product description

Inexpensive universal scale for agriculture that can take loads up to 3000 kg

The AGRETO platform scale has an excellent price/quality ratio and can be deployed as an all-round scale, for instance as a pallet scale, crate scale, (big) bag scale, container scale, animal scale, etc.

Robust and practical

The scale is waterproof according to protection class IP67 and with 4 x 1000 kg it's designed for double the nominal load. The stable steel construction can withstand shocks and jerky movements. Cabling is positioned on the inside of the frame, which means the platform can be moved around with a forklift truck.

High accuracy

Load cell accuracy is +/- 0.02%. Weighing indicator resolution is set at 0.5 kg.

Weighing indicator with bright, red digits and animal weighing mode

The AGRETO XK3 weighing indicator has clear, bright digits and disposes of an animal weighing mode. Even when weighing restless animals or liquids the indicator will display a stable weight.

Mobile thanks to battery

The weighing indicator's powerful battery enables operation in places without a power supply.
Technical data
Delivery contents:
• Weighing platform with built-in scale
• AGRETO XK3 weighing indicator
• 6 m connecting cable from platform to weighing indicator
• User manual
Weighing platform:
• Platform dimensions: 1 x 1.2 m
• Stable tube construction with welded checker plate
• 4 height-adjustable legs with compensating balls
• Total height: 100 up to120 mm
• Lateral cable outlet
• Internal connector box can be accessed on the side
Device data:
• 4 high-resolution shear force load cells
• Dust- and waterproof according to protection class IP67
• 1000 kg nominal load per load cell
• 150% safe overload, 300% breaking load
• 2 mV/V characteristic value
• +/- 0.02% accuracy
• Operating temperature: -35 up to +70 °C
XK3 weighing indicator:
• Display unit in plastic casing
• Stainless steel bracket for mounting on wall or table
• Adapter for mounting to a stand tube
• Dimensions including mounting bracket 275 x 165 x 100 mm (WxHxD)
• Connection to load cells via 9-pin D-sub plug
• 6-digit LED display with 20 mm high, red digits
• Auto-zero when switching on or manual auto-zero
• Zero point stabilisation
• Taring and summing function
• Animal weighing mode, shows stable weight also with restless animals
• Energy saving mode to preserve the battery
• Power supply through an external 230 V unit and/or built-in battery
• RS-232 interface for an external large display or for data exchange with a PC or PLC
Can the AGRETO platform scale be deployed in outdoor areas?
The scale itself is waterproof according to protection class IP67 and can be operated outdoors, preferably under a canopy roof. Still, it's better to use the scale in a hangar or other building.
Can the AGRETO platform scale be used to weigh animals?
Yes, the platform has a non-slip surface made from checker plate. The AGRETO XK3 weighing indicator disposes of an animal weighing mode, that lets you read weights, even when animals are restless.
How accurate is the AGRETO platform scale?
The AGRETO platform scale contains high resolution shear force load cells with an accuracy of +/- 0.02%. The weighing indicator's resolution is pre-set to 0.5 kg. This resolution can be set to 0.2 kg for special applications in the lower weight range.
Is the AGRETO platform scale calibratable?
Although the scale and indicator fulfil the requirements for a calibration, the scale does not come in a calibrated version. This means it cannot be used for legal transactions. Calibrated platform scales are available on request.
Can the AGRETO platform scale perform control tasks?
For controlling filling or other operations the XK3 weighing indicator must be replaced by an indicator with specific features. Please, contact us when required.
Any more questions?
Please call us: +43 2846 620

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